This year’s Thanksgiving celebration is like no other we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. Many of us will be unable to share time with loved ones, to welcome our children home, or to invite our neighbors over to share in a meal.

Yet this is a time to give thanks to those for whom we are most thankful. In that spirit, in this year 2020, we give thanks to:

Our Columbus Regional Health and all other health care workers who have worked long hours to care for sick patients;

Columbus Police Officers and Firefighters, Bartholomew County Deputies, and all First Responders who work tirelessly to protect us at every turn;

Our Bartholomew Consolidated, Flat Rock- Hawcreek School Systems and all support staff and teachers who work diligently to prepare our young people for the future, and who have struggled so much in a time of daunting challenges.

The many, many volunteers across Columbus and Bartholomew County who work every day to lift up those in need; they too have gone above and beyond in 2020.

We are thankful to each of you who work hard every day, sacrificing time with your families and doing your best to keep us safe.