Highlights from this update:

⁃ Citizens are encouraged to wear masks when they are out in public.
⁃ Stay at home – only go out when you need to go (grocery store, pharmacy, essential workplaces)
⁃ Make your own mask
⁃ Parks are open but playgrounds are closed
⁃ 30 City employees have tested positive, but 25 are recovering and back to work, 5 are still in quarantine
⁃ May cancellations: Primary Election, Salute concert, Cinco de Mayo celebrations
⁃ Will continue to look at events on a month to month basis, may be cancelling future events if they can’t be supported effectively
⁃ Social distancing is working – seem to be moving toward an end date
⁃ Fresh Start Recovery Program: building on Washington Street is going to be used by CRH personnel who don’t want to carry virus back home
⁃ Fraud: No door-to-door test kits available – only CRH is testing; telephone scams re: stimulus check
⁃ Business closures: City has not closed any businesses as a result of the Stay At Home order
⁃ Reopening of the economy: Governor’s press conference tomorrow (Friday) and Community task force will meet over the weekend to discuss what that looks like.
⁃ Thanks to everyone who is staying at home, practicing physical distancing and safe shopping
⁃ Thanks to health care personnel!