Kelsey DeClue provides an update from Columbus Regional Health. Highlights include:

Plasma Donation Information
Or call the COVID-19 Triage Resource Center:

• CRH Heroes House — Volunteers of America will be using property on Washington Street that will be used for Fresh Start Recovery Center, but is now being used for CRH workforce members who have been exposed to COVID-19 or who are positive for COVID-19 to use to shelter away from family and loved ones while they recover.
• Mayo Clinic Convalescent Therapy Program – use antibodies from those who are recovered from COVID-19 in plasma to help with recovery of most critically ill patients
• Opportunity for those who have a confirmed positive COVID-19 test and meet typical blood donation requirements can also donate as part of this program – information on the CRH website or via Triage Line.
• So far 11 donors have stepped forward to donate
• Currently have 7 positive in-patients – have had 40 total, 5 deaths but 35 have recovered and returned home
• Governor announced today the next phase on how we will return to “normal life” — CRH is following local and national updates and working with the community on this.
• Community has followed shelter in place guidelines and have made the difference for how the health system has been able to handle the virus. CRH extends it’s thanks to you!
• Continue to mask in public and use social distancing guidelines when in public, because it is making a difference.
• Concern about seeking medical attention – please stay in contact with your physician or utilize 911 to seek out health concerns or contact WellConnect (812-376-5136) to be matched to a physician for tele-health appointment. There are safe and effective ways to provide the care you need.
• Stay safe and we appreciate you!