Due to the increased spread of the COVID-19 virus, specifically the Delta variant, there will be a new mask requirement for anyone in City buildings, beginning Monday, August 9.  City buildings will continue to be open to the public, but we ask that any visitors wear a mask while inside conducting businesses. Masks will not be required at any outdoor city facility.

City business will continue to be transacted; employees will continue to work and answer phones and emails and will meet with members of the public.

We will go back to conducting virtual meetings at least through the end of August; the meetings will be live-streamed and available via WebEx. If Governor Holcomb’s Emergency Order is extended through September, we will continue with virtual meetings in September. We will put all this information on the City website and social media pages.

This move is to protect employees’ health and safety, as well as for members of the public, and to help protect children who aren’t able to get vaccinated. The following details how each building will be affected:

  1. City Hall and Police Office Building open;
  2. Animal Care Building closed – appointment only;
  3. Donner Center Building open;
  4. Utilities Building – open; Drive-through open;
  5. Fire Stations – closed to the public;
  6. Hamilton Center – open;
  7. Gymnastics Center at FFY – open;
  8. DPW Building – closed to the public;
  9. Transit – buses will continue to run as normal;
  10. Parks Open;
  11. Aviation offices open

Mayor Lienhoop urges members of the public to continue to take the virus seriously and follow the guidelines laid out by the CDC and State of Indiana. The most important step community members can take right now is to get vaccinated, if you haven’t already. Vaccination site information is available at the COVID-19 Task Force website at covid19communitytaskforce.org.

Masks, social distancing, good hygiene, and avoiding crowds and groups are also key to protecting the community’s health and economy.