In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community, the following closures and revised hours are in place for the City of Columbus and Bartholomew County government facilities:

City of Columbus

  1. First Responders – Police and Fire: City Fire and Police will continue to be fully staffed and follow normal schedules.
  2. Transit: We will stop fixed routes as of Tuesday night but will continue to offer Call-A-Bus services for people with medical needs. Visit the Columbus Transit website for additional information.
  3. Animal Care: Animal Care offices are locked. Animal Care Officers will respond to emergency situations and staff will continue the feeding and care of animals. Visit the Animal Care website for further information.
  4. Department of Public Works: Trash and recycling pickups will continue on schedule; only emergency maintenance work on roads will be completed.
  5. Columbus City Utilities: City Utilities will continue to oversee the water and sewer plants and continue to provide service in the field. In addition, their drive-in window will be open for payments but their lobby will be closed. Visit the Columbus City Utilities website for further information.
  6. Parks Buildings: All Park Department buildings will be closed to the public but staff will be available by email and by phone.  The Commons, Donner Center, Hamilton Center and the Columbus Gymnastics Center had been closed previously. Rocky Ford Par-3 Golf Course is closed as of 3/17/2020. All outdoor playgrounds are now closed. Greenbelt Golf Course will remain open with very strict rules. Visit the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department website for further information.
  7. City Hall: City Hall will remain open but with limited staff. We ask the public to email or phone the applicable personnel or Department prior to coming into the building if possible.

View latest updates at the City of Columbus website

Bartholomew County

In light of Governor Holcomb’s most recent Executive Order, Bartholomew County will close all but “Essential Governmental Functions” effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020 returning to work on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. We ask that all employees stay home during this period, unless otherwise directed by your Elected Official or Department head. The following are “EXEMPT” from the Governors’ Order.

  • First Responders
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Dispatchers and Management personnel
  • Judges, Court personnel, Jurors and Grand Jurors
  • Corrections Personnel
  • Child Protection and Child Welfare
  1. The Commissioners have authorized all Elected Officials and Department Heads to determine whether certain functions of their office are “essential” and how to staff to perform these functions.
  2. The Commissioners are also working on a policy regarding payment for days not worked due to the “Coronavirus” and/ or the Governors’ order.

View the latest closure updates at the Bartholomew County Emergency Management website.