The following guidelines for retail stores was issued on April 2, 2020 for retail stores by the Bartholomew County Health Department.

  1. Adjust store layout to enable shoppers to stay 6 feet apart at all times.
  2. Utilize employees to “direct traffic” so shoppers don’t congregate in produce, meat, dairy and other aisles.
  3. Consider making aisles one-way.
  4. Reduce the height of or eliminate in-aisle, point-of-purchase displays so shoppers don’t inadvertently bump into each other.
  5. Consider limiting the number of people in store at one time:
    – Establish a shopper maximum appropriate for your store.
    – Monitor entrances & exits.
  6. Mitigate virus transmission between shoppers & employees. Consider implementing the following best practices:
    – Employees wear masks & gloves
    – Implement daily deep cleaning
    – Implement shift start & end temperature check protocols
    – Install protective panels at checkout and pharmacy counters
  7. Consider selling only essential items for the next two weeks.
  8. Consider offering separate shopping times to at-risk or elderly customers.
Shopper and Store Guidelines (PDF)